Modern Moms Club

The Modern Moms Club launched May 2018. Shanophia and Yanna both have had their experiences in personal blogging but never seemed to get past the start up. It wasn’t until they found their common niche that they began to create MMC.

 MMC is a platform for new, expecting, and experienced moms to seek and give advice to assist them along their parenting journey. They cover from conception till your little one is well into their teens years and everything mom needs along the way. They discuss topics moms have questions needing answers to everyday. 

Yanna and Shanophia actually met in college where they became great friends. Through the years they each have taken different routes in life but one thing commonly ties them together and thats motherhood. They have always leaned on one another for advice and finally decided there just has to be moms just like them with the same questions thus MMC was conceived. 

The most unique thing about MMC is it’s written by two moms with completely different stories. It shows that no matter the circumstance, beliefs, views, etc motherhood is one thing all of us moms have in common. This is what fuels the purpose of MMC and what aids bringing all moms together in one space. 

Feel free to contact us with with any questions you may have!


Meet the founders and bloggers!


Hi,I’m Yanna…

I am a full-time photographer, graphic designer, blogger and mother to three boys.  I have two biological sons and one taken in from my boyfriend.  I started this incredible journey of motherhood after I graduated from college at the age of 23.  I always knew I was going to be considered an "extra" mom.  The kind who plan birthday parties eight months in advance, pack Pinterest inspired lunches and celebrate half birthdays.  

Never in a million year did I think I would have an interest in writing a blog that caters to being a mother. However, three years later here I am. I hope this blog becomes a tool for expecting mothers as well as advanced.  As we all know you NEVER stop learning new things on this path called parenthood. I look forward to writing about my experiences and hearing others.  


Hi, I’m Shanophia..

I'm a full time Mompreneur with my own salon here in Atlanta, GA.  At the age of 20 I had my first son and it completely changed my life for the better. Motherhood has been the best thing that has ever happen to me and watching my son grow has truly become one of the highlights of my everyday life. Now at the age of 27  and  currently expecting my second son being a mom and all things mommy related have started to become another passion of mine. I strive to not be the “traditional mom” i want to be the cool, hip, fun mom that knows all the latest and greatest there is to know. Being a mom, a wife, and still maintaining a business is often extremely overwhelming but as many of you know being a mom gives you this superpower of strength to just keep going. I'm excited to share, grow, and learn with all of you here at MMC.