Why I Make My Own Baby Food

I like to try new things, ESPECIALLY when it has health benefits to it.  While scrolling down my Facebook timeline one day, I ran across a meme that compared a jar of baby food to fast food saying it was full of preservatives and "not good" for babies.  It made me think to myself, ‘hmm interesting’ I never thought of it that way.  Shortly after discovering that meme I was convinced and decided to make my own baby food. Along with that, I saw a huge price difference in making it myself vs. buying it.

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Back To School Lunchbox Must Haves

When my son started first grade his school finally allowed packed lunch to be brought to school. I was so excited because i had so many Pinterest ideas for cool nutritional lunches I wanted to do for him. Packing your child’s lunch has many benefits. You can choose healthy meal options, it saves money from paying for school meals by being able to buy in bulk and it ensures your child will eat foods that they like to eat while they are in school.

However it’s not just about the food you put in but rather what you put the food in that really helps. Here are my top 4 Lunchbox must haves every child should have.

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