Back To School Lunchbox Must Haves

By Shanophia


When my son started first grade his school finally allowed packed lunch to be brought to school. I was so excited because I had so many Pinterest ideas for cool nutritional lunches I wanted to do for him. Packing your child’s lunch has many benefits. You can choose healthy meal options, it saves money from paying for school meals by being able to buy in bulk and it ensures your child will eat foods that they like to eat while they are in school.

However it’s not just about the food you put in but rather what you put the food in that really helps. Here are my top 4 Lunchbox must haves every child should have.


Re-freezable Ice pack

MY favorite ice pack i like to use is the Cool Gear Ice Pack. Its re-freezable, comes in fun colors, and fits easily into their lunchbox without taking up to much room.

Purchase Here


Thermos Food Jar

No one wants to only eat cold food every day including the kids. While searching for something that i could store hot meals in for my son that would hopefully stay warm for him when lunch time came around i tried a few containers until i found Thermos. These are awesome they keep food warm for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 7 hours which is perfect! This is great for fresh fruit that ripen easily such as apples and great for that leftover pasta from the night before.


Reusable utensils

In the beginning I would just purchase a box of assorted plastic silverware which was fine but as a mom that likes to budget and find a good deal I realized that $2-$4 added up over time. Instead I decided to go buy a plastic set of reusable utensils from my local target I spent about $4 on 3 sets that I can now use forever and if he accidentally loses or throws them away they are very inexpensive to go and repurchase.

Lunch box Tupperware

With all the cool ideas I had for lunches I realized I was going to need some food storage container as plastic bag and ziploc begs can become expensive to replace so often. At Target I found this awesome Rubbermaid Lunchbox kit. It’s kid friendly,dishwasher safe, and of course reusable. The kit also comes with a flat ice pack.




Make your little ones the cool kid at the lunch table this school year with these amazing must haves!