Healthy Summer Snack Ideas For Your Kids

Yay, it’s Summer! I think we all can agree that winter completely overstayed her welcome. Now that the weather is warm, the sun is out, and the kids are home lets chit chat about snacks. I’m a mom who likes to pick healthier snack options.  I also love to add my own spin to make my sons favorite snacks a little healthier. Not only does picking healthy snacks benefit him in many ways it is also beneficial for me as well, as I tend to enjoy a lot of these snacks myself. 

Enjoy these delicious snacks with your little ones this summer!  


Rice cakes with peanut butter and apples

  • Rice Cake (comes in a ton of delicious flavors my personal fave is Cinnamon Apple or Chocolate) 
  • Peanut Butter  
  • Apples or bananas 

Veggie Chips and or Popcorn

These are great healthy alternatives to regular potato chips. With great flavor and being more nutritious these snacks go great with sandwhiches or to eat alone.


Frozen Yogurt Bark 

This fun spin on eating yogurt is one your kids will love to eat as much as they will love creating it. Using a sheet pan spread yogurt of your choice and fruit of your choice and freeze for 6-8hrs. After freezing break apart and enjoy!  For storing use wax paper to refreeze. 


Parfait Waffle Cones  

  • Waffle cones  
  • Fruit of your choice  
  • Yogurt of your choice 
  • Granola  

Celery Critters 

Here’s another fun to make and fun to eat snack your kid(s) will enjoy. Cut pieces of celery, fill it with peanut butter and top with items like raisins or apples.  You can also fill with cream cheese and top with cucumbers or carrots. Either way your kid(s) will enjoy these little bugs.  



Homemade lunchable

  • Ritz cracker
  • Cheese of choice- get creative with cookie cutters to make cool shapes 
  • Lunch meat (or go meatless)


Staying hydrated during warm weather is essential. We encourage you to get your kids to drink water often in between play. Mini water bottles are great for on the go fun as well. For kids who are a bit more stubborn with drinking water look at these tips HERE