How To Make Homemade Baby Food Pouches


When I found out I was pregnant for the second time I reflected on all the thing I wish I would have done with my first son that I didn’t. Homemade baby food and breastfeeding were two of the things I knew I wanted to do when I had another child. My first son was a formula and jarred fed baby (nothing is wrong with that he is happy and healthy), however, I felt as though I wanted to give my next child what I (personally) felt was better for him. Milk from the tap, food from the soul. So I decided to make my own baby food and specifically baby food POUCHES!

You can read why I decided to make my baby food here.

I prepped, researched, and prepared for that milestone when my baby would be able to have his first feeding. I was so excited to use my new gadgets!


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When my son reached six months, I pulled my baby bullet out of storage and began preparing my son fresh homemade meals. I loved it! However, I was missing that convenience of feeding on the go as I had with my first son. He was jarred and pouched food fed, and I LOVED the pouches because he was able to feed himself before he knew how to use a spoon, which came in handy at times I needed to feed him but my hands were full.

Homemade baby food. Baby food pouches. infantino fresh squeezed

I can’t remember how I found out about the Infantino fresh squeeze station, but I am happy I did. It is super convenient, and my son receives fresh feedings on the go. The pouches are super easy to make, and the station is easy to clean.

My son is 14 months, and I still love my squeeze station. I can see myself using this well into his toddler years because most toddlers love fruit pouches. It will be an excellent way to allow my toddler to receive the fruits and veggie servings he needs daily.

If you are considering making your child’s food I HIGHLY recommend this gadget.

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Nothing feels better than knowing my little one is receiving FRESHLY made food.

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