Phone Apps Every Mom Needs

Today our cell phones are so advanced they are no longer needed just to keep in touch with friends and family. You can do just about anything on your phone quickly and conveniently. The best thing about our phones is they come with some pretty amazing apps. From games, shopping, productivity, you name it they got it. I have some go-to apps I feel every parent should have to make things a little easier.

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P.C.O.S Awareness- Polycistic Ovary Syndrome

As a parenting blog specifically targeting moms it’s fitting we talk about women’s health and womb health. At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with PCOS after almost a year of trying to conceive my second child with no luck. I was shocked, scared, and confused as my doctor explained what this was and how it was affecting me. I went home with all my information and went to Dr. Google for answers. I found part of what I was looking for and the rest either discouraged or confused me.

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How and Why You Should Haakaa: Silicone Breast Pump
Why I Chose To Breastfeed The Second Time Around

I was expecting my first child at the age of 22, I was young, just about to graduate college (SIUe c/o 2013 woot-woot) and I was having a child by a person I barely knew. Let’s just say the timing and situation was not ideal at all. My pregnancy was not how I envisioned it to be and mentally that took a toll on me.  I had my son shortly after my 23rd birthday and parenthood was NOTHING classes or advice could prepare you for.

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Get Your Life Together! The Ultimate Mom Guide

Hey Mom,  I'm sure just like me you have a massive to-do list that you have had for a few days now that you have not even begun to complete. You have not exfoliated in who knows when and when was the last time you got a pedicure? Right, your just a hot mess express and you came here to figure out how to get your shit together. No worries, I'm here to tell you how.

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Increase Your Milk Supply with Milky Mama LLC

When I discovered I was pregnant again with my second child I immediately made the decision that  I wanted to breastfeed my baby. After having not such a successful experience with my first this was my chance to try again.

In the very beginning my milk supply was amazing,  for a mom who had delivered prematurely. I had no issues getting my milk supply going and producing enough for my newborn, but then it changed.

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