5 Tips for Maternity Leave as a Mompreneur


Mompreneurs especially those of smaller businesses like myself do not have the pleasure of a secured paid maternity leave or excused time off from work. Often times many mompreneurs end up taking less time off then what is needed due to the urgency of getting back to work to maintain business. Typically if we don’t work we don’t make money and with a new bundle of joy, money is a necessity. Moms should take 6-12 weeks off when giving birth to give themselves time to heal and bond with their new baby. Maternity leave is important also because it gives your body time to rebalance hormones, strengthen mental health and give a new Mom time to adjust to her new role. As I begin my own maternity leave I wanted to share some great tips other moms could use to plan ahead as well.

Set a Date - Know when you will officially begin your leave of absence with room for the unexpected( ie. preterm labor, bed rest orders)

Save- Once you know you are pregnant it is great to begin saving for your bills during the time you will be out of work. Again for most of us if we do not work we do not make money so Saving is key to ensure not getting behind when you return.

Enlist Help- as a hairstylist/salon owner my job actually requires me to do the work fortunately I have an amazing business partner who is equally amazing at their job that my clients love and have no problem being serviced by him during my leave so I do not have to worry as much as to whether or not I’ll have clients when I return. If you are also fortunate to have a business partner discuss with them if they are able to handle things while you are away, maybe hiring an assistant to help them out will help them feel more confident about the job. For some businesses relying on your next in charge if there is one is ideal. For those of you who are a solo ran business it would be a great idea to bring someone you trust to learn the business to help you run it during your time away.

Plan for the Unexpected - Babies have their own agenda always plan for the unexpected. With my first, I went into a very unexpected preterm labor followed by an extended hospital stay. Communicate with your doctor often to plan ahead of anything should come up like preterm labor, bed rest orders, etc as this will affect your start and end date of maternity leave

Preschedule- If your business relays on social media or website posting it is a good idea to pre-schedule all post for up to 3 months after the baby is born. This will help keep your business active as well as make it easy once you return to not rush back to posting.

It’s important to remember you need to take care of yourself during this time. Do not be afraid to ask for help when needed and getting plenty of rest is key to a healthy recovery. Prioritize what’s important and make them as simple to complete as possible. Most importantly enjoy your new little one snuggle often and get to learn them.