FREE Breast Pump with Insurance

Are you currently or planning to breastfeed your baby? If so there is one item you must have. An electric breast pump! 


Your breast pump will come in handy whether you are returning to work after birth or staying at home to help build and maintain your milk supply. It is also helpful for building your freezer stash of milk for emergencies, helping to release engorgement, and having milk ready when you need to bottle feed.

For years, moms had to rent pumps from the hospital, spend hundreds of dollars to purchase their own, or simply go without one. Well, now you may be provided with one for FREE! Yes, that's right FREE through your insurance provider. Recently the government has FINALLY decided breast pumps are apart of preventative care for nursing mothers. Like I said breast pumps help mothers build and maintain their supply for their babies, and its about time they realized its importance! 

The process of obtaining your pump is relatively simple:

1. Choose Your Pump

There are quite a few pumps on the market. The one I chose for both my pregnancies is the Medela pump you see here. It has been very reliable. I suggest doing your research on all the pumps before you decide.

2. Call Your Insurance

Ask plenty of coverage questions. What exactly will you cover? Am I able to buy brand new? Will there be any out of pocket cost? These are just a few of the type of questions you should ask when inquiring. 


3. Talk with Your Doctor

Your doctor will be the middleman between you and your insurance company. They will submit the necessary paperwork to your insurance and your insurance company will submit them to the company that will be sending your pump. The company sending your pump will vary. Whether it is from the pump brand themselves, local pharmacy, or a program like Targets breast pump program, your doctor will let you know or give you information to decide where to order. 

4. Order Your Pump

After following the above steps it is time to order! You will be contacted by the company providing you pump with all the final details. They will ask for things like your shipping address, confirm the desired pump, and address any questions you may have. After this, you are all set.  Now you will wait for your new pump to arrive in the mail. 

See I told you it was simple!

Regardless of your insurance plan, they must cover your pump 100%. ( Source ) This does include rental pumps as well. Again, Check with your provider for details.  The accessories for your pump may be an out of pocket cost (i.e. extra milk storage bags, milk cooler, breast pump bag, etc) so it is a good idea to keep $75-$125 to the side if you want to purchase those accessories. 

NOTE: Most companies will not let you order your pump until you are 28 weeks. Make sure you contact your insurance provider for their guidelines. 

Happy Pumping!