Baby Registry Tips!

A few freebies and coupons I recieved from TARGET when I created my registry!

A few freebies and coupons I recieved from TARGET when I created my registry!

Baby Registry Tips!

Baby registries are a gift and a curse. Why? 50% (if not more) of baby shower attendees typically do not look at registries.  Also, if you have a lot of registry store options, it becomes overwhelming for not only your guest but for you as well.  Why me? You may receive duplicates of items and have to return them to their respected store.  Nothing is worst then store hopping and returning items when you are close to delivering.  I suggest two stores to choose from, however, if you want three or more have at it! I'm not here to tell you what to do; I am only making suggestions.  So here are my tips for you! 

Pick your registry from a store(s) you shop at the most. For me, there was a no-brainer that Target would be my first store of choice! I love Target! My second option was Babies R Us *insert tear falling*; unfortunately, we all got the sad news of Babies R Us/Toy R Us closing for good so for you newly expecting mothers, sorry. Here are a few options below and their benefits.


Target is one of my favorite stores! I am an avid cartwheel app user because I save so much on everyday items without having to clip coupons.  They tend to have their Spend $200 on baby items and get a $25 Target gift card or something like that.  I love giving my attendees the option to save money! 


Amazon is a GREAT option for moms to be who's families aren't near.  With Amazon your out of state family members who can not attend can visit your registry, purchase and the present will ship right to your address. This registry option is also great for online shoppers and big item shopping (cribs, strollers, etc.). 


I love IKEA as much as I love target! IKEA has really cute baby items for a great price!  Their baby registry is fairly new but worth taking a look at!


Walmart is another one stop shop for babies!  They carry a lot of brands that us mothers trust! Plus Granimals clothing are inexpensive and adorable!


Buy Buy Baby is a baby warehouse. It has almost EVERYTHING you can imagine, kind of like Babies R Us *insert another tear*.  The only con with Buy Buy Baby is location. Make sure there is a location near you. 

Amazon registry box; Pic credit: free stuff finder

Amazon registry box; Pic credit: free stuff finder

Keep your registry links near! If I had a dollar for every time, I received a text asking for my registry link I probably could have bought half of the items on my registry myself.  Keep your links near, like in your notes on your phone, for when your attendees ask. 

Keep your registry at a minimum. It is perfectly reasonable to want to scan or add everything to your registries. However, it can become overwhelming to your attendees when shopping.  Try to keep your registry to a minimum, add your necessities and a few fun items. 

Take advantage of the freebies and discounts! Most registries will give or send you a gift bag full of samples and coupons! Take advantage of them.  Some will even have a discount for the items left on your registry after the baby shower. Check your registry online for more details! 

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