A tablet for a toddler? Yes, that is the new norm now and days. However, this new norm is well worth it in many ways! A tablet is a way to teach your child(ren) technology as well as educate them in a fun way.  I mean what child wouldn't want to learn their ABC's sung by their favorite cartoon character on their nifty new tablet?

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My son received his tablet on his second birthday, which I felt was an appropriate age.  If you decide to get it earlier, go for it! Any who, I struggled for a bit to find the right tablet for my son.  I came across the Amazon Fire Kids Edition and it is worth every penny! Years later and my son STILL loves his tablet!

My son can roam and download as he pleases and I don't have to worry about him accidentally downloading something and my card being charged.  The reason for that is because the tablet, for the kids unlimited play, is $4.99 a month for non Amazon prime accounts and $2.99 a month for Amazon prime member.  WORTH IT! When you first purchase your tablet you will receive the kids unlimited play  FREE for one year while under the initial Amazon account through set up.


All of the games are kid friendly and most of them are educational.  You can even set the tablet to your child’s age and they will be sure to place she appropriate activities and learning material for your little one which means this tablet grows with them, even into the teen years!  The tablet comes with parental control to where you are in charge of how much play time they have even when you're not there! For example, I can disable my sons tablet from 7am-12pm, therefore he cant play with it until 12pm.  I can then again lock it at 7pm (the time he get ready for bed) so I know he's not sneaking and playing on his tablet. I can also decide his limits. For example I can request he must do 1 hour of educational only activities before being able to play games.

There are way more cool features, Im just here to give you a few!  But my all time favorite is that the case is CHILD PROOF and my son has put it through the test PLENTY of times.  Child proof meaning throwing, dropping, standing on etc.  Not like hitting it with a hammer, throwing it in the tub or something extreme.

If you're interested, here's a bit more information on the tablet! 


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It comes in different colors! (Yellow, Green, Red, Pink or Blue)

Fire Kids Edition Tablets_Colours.jpg

If you are interested in the Fire 7 Kids Edition here is the link to purchase

If you are interested in the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition here is the link to purchase!

If you are interested in the All New Fire HD 10 Kids Edition here is the link to purchase! 



This tablet will come in handy for multiple events such as long car rides, restaurant visits (you will be surprised how many restaurants don't give kids crayons and a kids menu to draw on) and non-kid related errands. Since the tablet is a full functioning tablet you may also download your little ones favorite movies and tv shows as well.

With that being said don't forget you're volume friendly headphones for your little ones! Link to purchase! 

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If you have purchased this tablet let me know what you think about it in the comment section below! 






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