Burn Baby Burn: Proper Winter Wear For Infants

 I am aware that his straps were not placed correctly in the picture.  I wanted to hurry and snap a pic while he was happy.

I am aware that his straps were not placed correctly in the picture. I wanted to hurry and snap a pic while he was happy.

The colder season is approaching and I think this is a GREAT time to talk about proper winter wear ESPECIALLY for infants. 

Most parents try to think of the most ideal way to keep their baby warm from the cold.  However, most don’t know that they are actually overheating their little one and that can be fatal.

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Typically, when you dress your little one for a day out in the winter season you load on layers.

  • Long Sleeve Onesie

  • Pants

  • Socks

  • Hat

  • Mits (usually for scratching not necessarily for warmth)

  • Jacket (whether light or heavy)

  • Blanket to go over them

  • Cozy Cover to cover the car seat

Imagine wearing all of those layers just to be placed into a car that has been warmed up.

Your baby is back there BURNING UP with all of those layers and they’re not even able to tell you that they are. Small babies are not yet able to fully regulate their own body temp so it is our job to keep them comfortable and dressed appropriately.

Be cautious on how you dress your little one so you can make sure you’re not overheating them. House to the car, car to the facility, really doesn’t require your little one to be layered up so much. If you are attending an outdoor event, then yes, layer your little one when you arrive.  The rule is your baby should wear one extra layer then what you are wearing. So if you have on a sweater and a jacket outside your little one should have the same plus an undershirt.

Be sure to pay attention to signs your baby is overheating. 

  • Sweating

  • Flushed or pale skin

  • Rapid pulse

  • Vomiting

  • Sudden rise in body temperature

My son was born December 5th, I knew his smaller months were going to be during the winter so I made sure I was prepared and educated on how to properly dress him. 

I received a Cozy Cover as a baby shower gift from his paternal grandmother.  It was exactly what I asked for and exactly what I needed. Since I had this cover that protected my son from the cold air. I also knew how to dress him accordingly.

  • Long Sleeve Onesie

  • Pants

  • Socks

  • Hat

  • Light Blanket

  • Cozy Cover


  • Long Sleeve Footie Pajamas

  • Hat

  • Light Blanket

  • Cozy Cover

That’s it! Nothing more or less and I can tell you from experience my son never overheated or got sick from the cold.

Another thing to keep in mind is the heat in your car when driving to your destination. We all love a toasty car in the winter time, however, make sure it’s not too toasty to where it is overheating your baby. When placing my son in the car I would always unzip his cozy cover and then zip it back up when we are at our destination.

This winter keep your little one safe and warm!