15 Random facts about me!

  1. I’ve lived in 6 states all before the age of 21.

  2. I research EVERYTHING, so I usually always have an answer to just about any question.

  3. I dreamed of being a professional cheerleader as a child

  4. I absolutely hate shopping unless it’s at Target!

  5. I have trypophobia BAD! (fear of clustered holes or circles) -my skin crawled just writing it.

  6. My favorite colors are gray, clear (YES CLEAR IS A COLOR!), and green, ALL shades of great……except neon green, I don’t like neon green lol

  7. I can eat pasta and crab legs everyday.

  8. I’m a hairstylist and salon owner!

  9. My first pad client was when I was 9years old. I flat ironed my cousins hair for $1….. My prices have increased since then lol

  10. My husband and I watch Shark Tank EVERY night.

  11. I do not like chocolate chips. Can they just make the cookie without them?

  12. I really want a dwarf hamster, but I don’t like animals so I don't know.

  13. I didn’t really want kids growing up. Glad I tossed that thinking out the window!

  14. Minute Maid Berry Punch is my favorite drink,

  15. I do not eat cereal.